Hey there, I'm Hannah

Wife, mama, casual farmer, and photographer.

I spend most of my time chasing four little wildlings and a whole slew of farm animals in Upstate South Carolina. I'm married to the most supportive husband who helped me buy my first DSLR when we were poor college students from a pawn shop in Nebraska. We've come along way since then!

I've always been drawn to photography but it wasn't until our first son was born that I realized what a powerful tool it was. Photos of little toes, first smiles, and messy meals meant more than just a quick snapshot. They felt a like a real life, sci-fi worthy teleportation device where I could experience all those things over and over again.

I've honed my craft by taking photos of the subjects I care for more than anything in this entire world. I have learned what's most important and that's the authentic photos. They're the ones that transport you back to that exact moment in time whether it was five minutes ago or five years ago. My greatest desire is to catch those moments that make you feel. You see those small hands in the photos and you suddenly remember with full detail what they were like in your own. When you look at the candid smiles, you'll hear the laughter that accompanies them. I pray the photos we capture together will have you reliving the love and joy you felt that day for years to come.


with four little babies

Want me to capture your family like I do my own?